The Sound of Renaissance #045

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JOI 02:10 03:10

TSOR 45 pulls into summer port with its hold full of suitable vocal loveliness. From the Balearic swell of the opening track to the emotive finale, the lyric-heavy journey navigates the likes of Fever Ray, Âme, Jan Blomqvist, Rodriguez Jr., Traumer, Fish Go Deep, Charles Webster and Martin Badder, plus more…

Naturally, the label isn’t left out of the boat: James Harcourt’s ‘Knopfleur’, from his current smash EP of the same name, provides an emotive swell as the mix approaches dock; whilst Alphadog chooses the incomparable Magit Cacoon as his ships mate for ‘Bad Habit’. This is a voyage you really can’t afford to miss – all aboard!

  1. AV On Decks, SamBeazy – String Theory 00:00:00
  2. Panama, Vandelux – Heartburn (Rinzen Extended Mix) 00:03:08
  3. Nox Vahn – Don’t Go 00:06:51
  4. Fish Go Deep – You Came Into My Life (Charles Webster Mix 1) 00:10:20
  5. Martin Badder, Bryonii – Demigod 00:15:34
  6. Thorsten Hammer, Jade PraiZe – World On Shoulders 00:19:43
  7. BiG AL, Music P – Cosmic Stream (Gorge Remix) 00:23:29
  8. Fever Ray – What They Call Us (Âme Remix) 00:28:25
  9. Traumer – Chill Later 00:33:21
  10. Polo (AR) – Nostalgia Del Presente (Jim Rivers Remix) 00:38:00
  11. Alphadog, Magit Cacoon – Bad Habit (Voxless Version) 00:44:12
  12. James Harcourt – Knoplfleur 00:51:10
  13. Nox Vahn – When I’m With You 00:54:16
  14. Rodriguez Jr., Jan Blomqvist – Destination Lost 00:58:22

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